It doesn‘t matter what one looks at, but what you feel during it.

My Heart-Pictures

Very special people deserve very special photos. Behind each of these photos is a story that I will never forget.

Do you want to be a part of it too? Are you getting married in summer in 2022? Then get in touch. I look forward to you all.

It's me, Jenny.

I‘m Jenny and I‘ve been creatively on the move since I was a child, so it was only natural that things would go in the same direction professionally. That is why I have been working as a media designer in the advertising industry for twelve years and have acquired quite a bit of knowledge and skills. From corporate design to web design to logo design.

My second passion is photography. I worked for a photographer for almost four years after my training and was able to prove myself in this field. Image processing, handling the camera and getting to know the many different people make this job incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling. I want to create joy for my customers with my work. I love to see your pride in your own website or logo. Or the joy when the couple picks up the pictures and lets them experience their wedding again. There‘s nothing more beautiful.

Now I don‘t want to keep you from poking around here a bit. And if you would like to know more, take a look at my blog.

My Portfolio

I look forward to hear from you

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