Good Design - a Trademark

As I mentioned before. Design is not everything. But let‘s not kid ourselves … Coca Cola, for example, would not be what it is today without its design. All leading companies have one thing in common … their informative, tailor-made and contemporary design. It is not for nothing that many designers work in the background to continually reinterpret the current zeitgeist and weigh up how the brand can be reconciled with it. Even logos change over time – certainly only moderately – but they still do. Because if you don‘t go with the times, you go with the times. I like this saying because there is a lot of truth in it. I just love to help you get a feel for your company. The very simple questions. Who am I? What am I doing? And what do I do for my customers? How do I want the customer to notice me? You also have to deal with this in advance. It is the basis for a suitable and appealing design.

Here are a few of my designed logos and also an advertising campaign for an event.

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